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Sustainability and Community

We strongly believe in the importance of sustainability and playing an active role in the communities we invest in. We always aim to make people feel safe, happy and comfortable in the places they live and work in.


Developing Sustainably

We consider sustainability as part of any project because prioritising sustainable practises is important for everyone’s well being - occupiers, investors and communities. We constantly review and develop our sustainability efforts which include using smart technology, keeping carbon to a minimum and choosing sustainable materials. 

Sustainable Performance

We implement the latest ‘smart’ and ‘wellness’ building technology as an integral part of each project 

We always target the Green Building Council’s “Towards Net Zero” principles and our goal is to excel with respect to reducing carbon emissions

We work with our design teams and occupiers to reduce energy consumption, increase recycling and use sustainable materials and practices throughout the development process

We also use smart building technology to improve people’s overall well being within our finished buildings

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Sustainability Case Study: YY London

At YY London, Canary Wharf, we are on track to deliver one of London's most sustainable offices.

10,260 tonnes of CO2 saved

798 million cups of tea

BREEAM Outstanding

Certification achieved


reduction in energy consumption

Net Zero Carbon

in operation

The Importance Of Community

We strive to create inspiring spaces that will enhance communities and contribute to their collective health and well being. As part of this ambition, we recognise how important it is to give back, and we like to support charities that are close to our hearts. We are a long-term partner of Reach Out and actively support its work to mentor young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their education potential. 

The importance of Community